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  • "I am a burns survivor, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 50% of my body resulting in both of my legs being amputated. Also, another 25% of my body is scarred from taking skin from my stomach, sides, and back to put on my lower half that was burned. I've tried many creams and lotions and nothing has worked better than Dream Cream. There are places on my skin grafts that get so dry that they crack and bleed, but since using this product I no longer experience that. It has helped the calloused areas on my legs to become softer and has stopped them from cracking and bleeding as well. I have so many scars and areas I use Dream Cream on, so a 4oz tub lasts me about 5-6 weeks. I would imagine that most people wouldn't have to use it as much as I do, so it would last longer for most. It's a great product that really helps, especially with skin grafts and scars. If you are a burn survivor, I strongly recommend at least trying this.


  • I have cancer and have complications from the chemotherapy. Pressure sores and skin rashes have been a problem for me. My oncologist and the nurses at the Regional Cancer Center I go to recommended I try this product. They mentioned that they recommend this also for burn victims. I find it very soothing and don't mind the smell. My skin doesn't itch since I've applied this and my pressure sores are improving. Do your research if you can, ask your healthcare provider if they'd recommend this product. I did and am pleased with their recommendations. I also need to add that the seller was very quick to respond to questions I had. I got a response the same day I posted the question. Great follow-up by the seller as well. I'm sold on this product.

    Jeff Cowles

  • My husband was diagnosed with Eczema on his hands about 2 years ago. He would go back and forth to the doctor for treatments on his hands as well as using an antibiotic. It just seemed to get worse and worse each time. He would have to wear Band-Aids on his hands to cover up the eczema when he went to work. I read about this cream on someone's Facebook post and I decided to give it a try. This has done wonders for my husband's hands. He has not had to go to the doctor every few weeks for treatment. He has had no outbreaks at all since using this cream. It has done wonders for him.


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